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After all, if it’s important to hire a specialist for your financial assets, why not for your real estate?

Asset Management and Advisory Services

Has your real estate become a afterthought?  Or has it become too time consuming to keep up with?  Do you need to lease vacant space in your property, make some repairs or add some amenities, or even reposition the property to better line up with today's new demand?   At PWREAM, we are focused on managing and growing the value of your real estate. 

It's time to get your real estate in order.  The past year has proven that we cannot  expect the financial equities market to only go up.  As with past economic downturns we have witnessed financial assets not only going down in value but companies, stocks, and bonds actually disappearing , their model or niche’ no longer valid in a rapidly changing world, never to return.    But notably, well managed real estate rarely stays down permanently.  So if you own real estate, with savvy repositioning, even in a down economic cycle real estate can eventually recover some or possibly all of its original value, and more.    That is if someone is paying attention.   And as with equities, managing it correctly will require insight in to where demand is heading (and where it's fleeing).    We can provide that advice.

The next 18-24 months will be turbulent as we witness the re-imagining of businesses and their impact on related equities and real estate.  And it is likely that certain product types and certain locations have peaked for this generational cycle.   Downtowns that are not suited to adapt to the changes of real estate use or are unable to provide the funds necessary to upkeep expensive infrastructure and social outlays are likely to struggle with low occupancy.   Still other areas will reap the benefits of people leaving one area for another.    Will new demographics groups fill the void that others leave behind?   And just as importantly, where are people heading to next to meet their new lifestyle demands and wants? 

So while equities are hostage to every daily whim of the financial markets (and political whipsaws), real estate can be a stable asset in your portfolio.  But now it is as important as ever to know what real estate to keep, what to discard, and what to acquire.  And to do so, you must understand where and what the new changes in your market are likely to mean for your portfolio and your future goals.   And while your financial advisor may be the best there is at picking stocks, real estate requires a different set of skills and experience.  Let us help you with your real estate goals.   We don’t compete with your financial advisor, we complement them. 

Locally, the Washington, DC area has seen historic job growth drop substantially since the beginning of Covid 19.    Meanwhile, the urban markets that have dominated the growth of real estate, mostly at the expense of certain suburban markets, have retreated considerably.    There has been and will continue to be some exiting of urban areas. Will  greater downtown rebound?    Will the outer suburbs and exurbs become the new magnets of growth?  If so, which properties will do best?   And what does this mean for you investment strategy?

At PWREAM, we can hep you improve and reallocate your portfolio so that your real estate assets continue to rise in next wave of real estate use.    And give you the hands-on management and oversight needed so you can focus on other things.  Give us call today.

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