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While the availability of financial advisors is non-ending, very few financial advisors can help you with your real estate.  Why?  Because it’s a hands-on asset; you have to understand its physical attributes and know what’s going on in your sub-market.  While stocks and bonds require knowledge of corporate balance sheets and world events, real estate requires an understanding of the physical asset, its leases, and its place in the local market.  What is happening in China, the US, the greater metropolitan area, or even your city, may not mean a thing to the neighborhood where your asset is located.  


Real Estate Asset Management and Advisory

At PWREAM, we provide real estate  asset management and advisory to private high net worth individuals, estates, or smaller non-profits. 

So what is asset management?

Asset management is the oversight of a property on a continuous basis to achieve the proper balance of reinvestment, repositioning, and repairs to ensure maximum current cash flow and long term appreciation so as to maximize their total return. 


All institutions utilize some form of asset management to give them the comfort that local experience and insight are going into their real estate decisions.    Until now, that expertise has generally only been avaialble to larger institutions.   


Some of the services we provide to meet your individual needs include:


-Property Redevelopment or Repositioning Services

-Development Feasibility for Land

-Acquisitions and Dispositions/Due Diligence

-Third Party Opinions


-Off Market Investment Opportunities



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