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Is PWREAM Right for You?






-Do you have real estate assets that might not be performing up to their abilities?

-Are you considering buying a new or replacement property for your portfolio?

-Do you own piece of land?

-Do you spend too much time overseeing your property assets?  Or maybe too little?

-Are you having trouble making the best asset decisions because there are different opinions within ownership?

-Does your property reflect today’s expectations visually?

-Does the property have today's sustainable features that reduce energy and costs?

-Are you managing property on behalf of others without the expertise needed to do so?

-Is there possible deferred maintenance that effects the perception of the property to both tenants and outsiders?

-Or deferred maintenance that will require a substantive outlay for replacement in the future or result in a large deduction of sales price when you decide to exit this investment.

-Maybe you’re about to sign a lease for just $1.00 less than market?  For a 20,000 square foot (sf) building, that loss of net income could mean as much as a $300,000 loss of value or sales price.

-Same with an extra dollar of expenses that is not necessary?

-Have your tenant expirations been “synched” with your future objectives?  Either to accommodate expansions, larger tenants, or higher paying tenants, or to provide desired flexibility to the next owner who may just want to change the current use of the building.  Yes, sometimes an empty building is actually worth more than an occupied one!

-Do you have non-typical assets, such as farms, gas stations, car washes, etc…?

-Having trouble determining if your present property management is optimum?  Whether that’s you or a management company, there could be room for improvement.

-Do you own your place of work but it no longer meets your needs?


Feel free to give us a call for more information. We are happy to give a preliminary evaluation of a your property to determine what are some of the possible issues to explore.  We can also share with you a range of costs envisioned for our services.  If hired, many of these costs can come from property cash flow.



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